Order a Repeat Prescription

Please allow 48 hours, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, for your request to be processed. Any problems please telephone the surgery.

Repeat Prescriptions

We have a 24 hour voice mail telephone system where you can order your repeat prescriptions. Please press 1 when calling into the surgery on 016973 31309 to do so.  When ordering repeat medication please speak clearly giving your name, address and date of birth, plus details of the medication you require. The prescription will be sent electronically to the chemist of your choice.

If you cannot pronounce your medication, we would be grateful if you could spell this for us.  Remember, if you order your prescription over the weekend, please allow 7 days before collection at the chemist.

If you wish to order your prescription at the Surgery, please do so by retaining the right-hand side of your prescription form which contains all the relevant details.  Once completed, by ticking the relevant drugs you require, please place it through the letterbox located on the right of the surgery door.

You can also order your repeat prescription directly through Patient Access or the myGP app on your phone.

Obtaining a Prescription

You can obtain a prescription for medicines  in several ways:


You can phone our 24-hour repeat prescription line on 016973 31309 which has a pre-recorded message with full instructions and is accessed by surgery staff throughout the day.  Please note that if you are leaving a request for medication after 6:30pm this will not be picked up until the next day and if leaving a request over the weekend this will not be picked up until Monday morning.

Please speak clearly and if you cannot pronounce the item, please spell it for us.

Please avoid holding onto the line to speak to a receptionist if you only require to order your repeat prescription as receptionists are very busy dealing with enquiries and appointments.

At the Surgery

If you don’t wish to leave a message on our prescription line, you may put your pop your printed prescription from your previous issue through the letterbox. This is located to the right of the main surgery door.

EPS – Electronic Prescribing Services

This computerised prescribing system sends your prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically, both quickly and efficiently.  You can send your prescription to any pharmacy of your choosing. We ask that you let us know if you would like to change from your usual nomination as otherwise your prescription will automatically be sent to the pharmacy already listed on your records.

Order online Via Patient Access

Order a Repeat Prescription What is Patient Access?

Patients can now order their repeat prescriptions online via our EMIS (Clinical IT system).  In order to access this service you are required to fill out an application form available from the surgery reception, you will then be emailed a registration letter explaining how to create an account, at this point you will have to create a username and password which you will use each time you log in.

Medicine Manager

Rebecca Pearson is our Medicine Manager.  The aims of this role  is to improve the quality and value for money of prescribing on the NHS, prevent unnecessary waste of medicines, and monitor the safety of medicines and prescribing procedures within the practice

If you have a query regarding your medication please contact Rebecca who will be only too happy to help you.

Waste Medication

Don’t Waste Medicines Only Order What You Need!

  • Please ensure you only order what you require
  • Have you checked if you have already got enough of any one item?
  • Is there any medication you have at home that you no longer take? If so please take any unwanted medication back to your pharmacy and they will be destroyed safely.
  • A huge amount of money is wasted each year on medicines that are not taken, up to one million pounds of medicine was destroyed in North Cumbria in the last year.
  • This money could be used elsewhere in the NHS for hip or knee operations, extra nursing care, etc.

Synchronisation Of Your Prescription

  • This is when your medicines are arranged so that they all run out at the same time and you can order all your regular repeat medication all at once every month, meaning fewer trips to the pharmacy, surgery and fewer telephone calls.
  • To have your medicines synchronised please speak to our Medicine manager Rebecca or Community Pharmacist who will be able to help you.