Silloth Group Medical Practice

Lawn Terrace, Silloth On Solway, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 4AH

Non NHS Services

Certificates and Forms – 2017/2018

Private sick note £18.00
Passport form/photograph – must have known applicant for at least 2 years) £18.00
Driving license photograph £18.00
Freedom from infection certificate £18.00
Private health insurance form (BUPA, PPP) £18.00
Sickness/accident insurance benefits claim form £18.00
Health club – patient fit to exercise £18.00
Shotgun/firearms license £20.00
OFSTED forms (childminder report) £18.00
Letter for school/college/university £18.00

Medical examinations and reports

Pre-employment medicals (30 mins) £90.00
HGV/PSV/LGV medicals (30 mins) (Over 60’s  – £60) £90.00
Renewal of taxi driver license medical (20 mins) £60.00
Motorsport medical (20 mins) £60.00
Power of Attorney £100.00
Court of Protection £100.00
Completion of general forms not covered elsewhere (no examination) £18.00
Scuba diving medical (30 mins) £90.00
Boxing medical (30 mins) £90.00
DNA testing (per patient, per test) (charge for work in practice -testing company may levy their own charges) £40.00
Tests/screening done by nurse for insurance etc (30 mins) £40.00

Travel abroad

Private prescription for drugs required solely for purposes of travel abroad, and malaria tablets £18.00
Vaccination certificate £18.00
Holiday cancellation certificate £18.00
Fitness to fly/travel certificate £18.00
Confirmation of drugs/diabetic letter for travel £18.00
Japanese Encephalitis (course of 2) (price per injection) £83.40
Tick Borne Encephalitis (course of 3) (price per injection) £50.40
Rabies (course of 3) (price per injection) £46.56
Cholera (course of 2) (price per injection) *free if deemed necessary £42.00
Menveo vaccine £46.80
Nimenrix £46.80
HepB Course of 3 (price per injection) for patients not registered at this practice £27.59